This made me LOL.

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I’ve never been a huge superhero fan, but every time I’m not sure if I’m enjoying The Avengers series, there’s motherfucking Tony Snark and his one-liners, and my heart grows 3 sizes. 

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They even say hello to each other and it makes the news.



They even say hello to each other and it makes the news.


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i was scrolling and i nearly had a subliminal heart attack when i saw it.

i’ve had this waiting to post since november, i queued it for today, the first day of spring

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Will: JACK, Hannibal just posted these selfies on his twitter!
Jack: Lol! Oh that Hanni, he sure is a jokester!
Will: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Game Of Thrones Feels

So first Jeoffrey was a total dick to Brienne. Then, the looks on Sansa, Margery, and Loras’s faces during the “5 Kings Battle” broke my fucking heart. They did such a good job with making Jeoffrey insufferable in this episode. Seven Hells, I could not wait for that little shit to choke. 

I MISS U RENLY!!!! :’(

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When you’ve seen “wibley-wobley, timey-wimey” on tumblr more that 17492759582763 times & you fINALLY GET TO WIBLEYWOBLEYTIMEYWIMEY IT’S THE MOSF FULFILLING THING EVER

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